Ordering via E-mail

Ordering your prescription via E-mail

How do I order via E-mail?

It is easy to order via E-mail. All you need to do is make sure that you include your full name, date of birth and name of medications you require. Include this in an E-mail to whitehorse.scripts@nhs.net and we will process this for you.

How long will this take?

As for all prescriptions, we ask that you give us 7 full working days to process your prescription. Please keep in mind that we are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6.30pm and closed all Bank Holidays, so any prescription requests made outside of these hours will be treated as submitted the next working day.

How do I know you've recieved my E-mail?

You should recieve an automated response. Please note that sometimes your E-mail provider may block this, but unfortunately this is not something we can help with. If you have waited 5 working days and you have not heard from us, please do check the status of your prescription with us. 

I need something in addition to my prescription, can I include this in my E-mail?

This E-mail request is only intended for repeat, routine requests. Things that we can help with in regard to this are:

  • Requesting medications that you have routinely every month
  • Requesting a change of pharmacy. Please include the name and postcode of your new pharmacy. We cannot change a prescription we have already issued.
  • Ordering a new medication that a GP has recently prescribed as 'repeat'. 
  • New patients that are making a first medication request

There are some things we are unable to help with via this E-mail:

  • Urgent requests for prescriptions. We cannot promise an urgent turnaround. 
  • Requests for medications to be put with an earlier request or to be ready with another patient's medication. We cannot promise this.
  • Requests for medications that you have not had before from us. Please submit an Engage Consult.
  • Requests for medications you have not had for a long time from us. Please submit an Engage Consult.
  • We cannot tell you if a medication is ready via E-mail. Please await a text if we dispense to you, or contact your usual pharmacy.
  • We cannot give medical advice, please contact your GP for health concerns via Engage Consult.

Please note, queries relating to Patient Access cannot be dealt with via this E-mail. Please use the support section on Patient Access in the first instance, and if your query is not resolved please get in touch with our patient services team.

We cannot forward messages to the GP via this E-mail or help with medical queries. Please speak to your GP via Engage Consult if your query is health related or urgent.