Child Health Advice

Vaccination planner

Download a personalised vaccination calendar, which highlights the dates your child needs to have their vaccinations by.

Download from:

Childhood illness visual guide

Use this visual guide to help you identify common conditions and illnesses that may affect your child. Includes conditions such as measles, slapped cheek syndrome, chicken pox and warts.


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Providing a range of services to help young people overcome personal difficulties in their lives.

Telephone: 01865 902515



Parents and young people in Oxfordshire can now text Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust health visitors and school health nurses for advice and support.

ChatHealth has three numbers – each aimed at meeting the needs of specific groups. These are parents of children aged 0-4, parents of children aged 5-11 and young people themselves aged 11-19. Messages will be assigned to the most appropriately skilled healthcare professional rostered for the service that day.

Text (0-4 years): 07312 263081

Text (5-11 years): 07312 263227

Text (11-19 years): 07312 263084

Website (0-4 years):

Website (5-11 years):

Website (11-19 years):

Health Visiting Service

Health visitors are registered nurses/midwives who have additional training in community public health nursing. They provide a professional public health service based on best evidence of what works for individuals, families, groups and communities; enhancing health and reducing health inequalities through a proactive, universal service for all children 0-5 years and for vulnerable populations targeted according to need.