Is research right for me & what do patients taking part in research really think?

Here are a few quotes from patients who have taken part in research:


“I felt being part of the research helped my case, maybe got treatments that I would not have had otherwise”

“I do feel as though I’m contributing to the improved care for future generations”

“With the close monitoring / treatments from everyone, I now feel a lot healthier”

“The process has made me much more aware of my condition and that advice and care was immediately available”


Ultimately, our research helps people to access and take part in studies which could potentially make a real difference to their health conditions and quality of life. Click on the links below to hear more from patients who have taken part in research: Click on the links to find out more information:

Health talk: Patient and public involvement in research

Clinical Research Network – Patient Research Experience Survey

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The White Horse Medical Practice is actively involved in medical research. Hundreds of our patients have volunteered to take part in trials we are running. Areas of research have included asthma, diabetes, infection, heart disease and arthritis.

Evidence shows that patients who receive care in research active organisations have better health outcomes than those treated in a non-research active environment (NIHR).

You can choose whether your data is used for research or planning purposes, and can find out more information about this on the NHS website:

If you are interested in being involved in research, or have any questions please contact our research Nurse Jill Larkin -