The White Horse Medical Practice is actively involved in medical research. Hundreds of our patients have volunteered to take part in trials we are running. Areas of research have included asthma, diabetes, infection, heart disease and arthritis.

You can choose whether your data is used for research or planning purposes, and can find out more information about this on the NHS website:

If you are interested in being involved in more complicated research, we are currently running the following studies:

BOEHRINGER DIABETIC STUDY - This is a phase 2 study investigating effectiveness and patient tolerance of a promising new diabetic medication.

CCP NEXT GENERATION - This study aims to identify patients with early arthritis by offering a unique blood test to patients with new musculoskeletal pains, or with immediate family members who have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Please ask your GP about this study if you think you might be eligible. 

REDUCE - Can a new toolkit for patients and doctors better support patients wanting to reduce and stop their antidepressant medications? Please ask your GP about joining this study if you want to reduce your antidepressant medication.

RAPTOR - A national Covid study to 'test the tests'. Patients are eligible for this study if they have had a recent Covid positive swab result. More information can be found on the Condor website:

PRINCIPLE - A national COVID study to investigate potential treatments that reduce the severity / duration of COVID symptoms. More information can be found on the Principle Trial website:

OPTIMAN - Does use of FENO assessment help us tailor asthma medication better? If you have asthma and would be interested to participate please call Bev Langford, respiratory research nurse on 07769 280289

We also contribute de-identified data to CPRD (Clinical Practice Research Datalink) for public health research. Individual patients cannot be identified from this information, but you are able to opt out if you prefer.

If you are interested in putting your name forward to be considered for these or future trials please contact Dr Vicky Glover, who is the research lead for the practice, or Debbie Warwick, our research nurse.

Published Results

Studies that WHMP patients were a part of and have now published their results

ANTLER - a placebo controlled study to look at whether remaining on (or coming off) anti-depressants reduced relapses of depression

Press Release: Long-term antidepressant use is effective, but many people can come off them safely – new research (

Publication: Maintenance or Discontinuation of Antidepressants in Primary Care (

GP Perspectives Study - This was a study of GP attitudes and understanding, to help improve clinician education about endometriosis. At WHMP all departments participate in research like this because we are passionate about our roles. 

Publication: Navigating possible endometriosis in primary care: a qualitative study of GP perspectives (

STOIC - A world-leading study that proved inhaled steroids can reduce COVID illness severity and hospital admissions in some patients. WHMP and our patients were part of the hugely significant study that we are especially proud of. 

Publication: Inhaled budesonide in the treatment of early COVID-19 (STOIC): a phase 2, open-label, randomised controlled trial - The Lancet Respiratory Medicine (