Practice Closure - Tuesday 27th February

Countywide General Practice closure tomorrow afternoon – urgent cover provided by 111

On Tuesday 27th February, the practice will be temporarily closed from 12:30pm for essential training which is taking place throughout all Practices in Oxfordshire. We will be operating as normal in the morning until 12:30pm but will have no capacity to phone or see any patients after this time. For urgent same day appointments after 12.30pm please phone 111. If a face to face assessment is needed this will be arranged by the 111 service at either Oxford or Banbury.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Digital café

Digital poster - new

Digital Café

Digital Cafés are free to attend and open to anyone who is struggling to keep up with technology or use a mobile, phone, laptop, or tablet.

Our digital buddies will help talk you through how to use your devices as well give help and guidance on other things such as signing up for and using the NHS App and Engage consult. 

Held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month 10am - 12 noon. Starting the 15th of Feb!

NHS Covid Pass Service Closing

The NHS Covid pass will close on 4th December 2023, as vaccination status no longer needs to be demonstrated domestically or for international travel and the pass is no longer needed.

Most patients will still be able to see this information in the GP Health Record section of the NHS app.


Patient Intitated Digital Mututal Aid System (PIDMAS) is an initiative to offer long waiters on secondary care out-patients lists the option to have their treatment elsewhere which may have shorter wait times. Trusts are in the process of contacting eligible patients to offer this.

For more information, please view our PIDMAS Q&A page.

National Shortage of ADHD Medication

We are aware that there is an ongoing national shortage of many types of ADHD medicines.

These include (please note that this is not exhaustive):


  • Equasym XL 10, 20 and 30 mg capsules
  • Xaggitin XL 18 and 36 mg prolonged-release tablets
  • Concerta XL 54 mg prolonged-release tablets
  • Xenidate XL 27 mg prolonged-release tablets


  • Elvanse 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 mg capsules


  • Intuniv 1, 2, 3 and 4 mg prolonged-release tablet

Advice from Primary Care

FOR ADULTS: We have been advised by the specialists that they don’t have capacity in their service to deal with individual queries relating to this. Therefore, all we can advise for the time being is that you discontinue the medication until supplies are available again.  Although far from ideal, this is safe to do for many ADHD medications (excepting one called Guanfacine, which is rarely used).

FOR CHILDREN: We would advise that you to get back in touch with the Specialist who initiated this medication to discuss alternative options. The specialist will also be aware of this shortage.

In Primary Care, we are unable to provide advice about, or oversee the switching of ADHD medication. Firstly, because the supply issues are affecting many treatment options, and those available may not be supplied to uplift demand. Secondly, we do not have the expertise in Primary Care to initiate and up-titrate ADHD medication. This can only be done by a specialist.

Visit Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) ( for more general advice about ADHD.

WHMP Mask Wearing Policy

As the risk of covid to the general population falls WHMP clinical staff will no longer be routinely wearing face masks as part of the process of protecting patients from COVID-19 infection within the surgery.

Any persons attending the Practice who are immunosuppressed or vulnerable to COVID are very welcome to ask at Reception when booking in for the staff seeing them to wear a mask. We will be very happy to comply with any such request.

Dr Russ, GP Partner, COVID-19 Lead and Tessa Mobey, Lead Nurse, IP&C lead


My Planned Care

My Planned Care ( gives you advice and support while you wait and helps you to prepare for your hospital consultation, treatment, or surgery. This includes giving you information about waiting times at your hospital and other supporting and local services while you wait.

This site is updated weekly and can be viewed by anyone, which means you, your family or carer as well as your NHS team can all see the latest information.

Safe Surgeries

We are proud to be a safe surgery for everyone in our community, and pledge to ensure that everyone in our community receives the quality healthcare they are entitled to. 

In partnership with Doctors of the World UK, we will ensure that our practice offers a welcoming space for everyone who seeks to use our services. We will ensure that a lack of identification, proof of address, or immigration status do not prevent patient registration

As a member of the Safe Surgeries community, we will endeavour to support other Safe Surgeries and the development of the network. 

Don’t have documents? Don’t worry, view the Safe Surgeries Documents poster for more information. 

For more information on what it means to be a Safe Surgery, please view the Safe Surgeries Welcome poster. If you wish to register, please speak to a member of staff who can help and support you with the process of registration. 

You can learn more at Doctors of the World UK

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