COVID-19 Prescriptions

COVID-19 Prescriptions Frequently Asked Questions

To help us help you more efficiently we request that you read this FAQ to see if your query is answered before contacting the dispensary.

As of 25th March 2020 we are unable to deliver to the One Stop Shop. 

How do I request a prescription?

The best method of requesting a prescription is to email us at including your name, date of birth and the items that you are requesting. You can request on behalf of someone else.

We cannot accept telephone requests and are trying to avoid large volumes of people in the practice.

If you are unable to use online facilities, please drop your prescription into the box located to the right hand side of the entrance to the practice.

How long will my prescription take?

We are currently asking that you give us seven working days to dispense any prescription. Please allow ample time when requesting prescriptions.

To help us help everyone more efficiently we would ask that you do not phone to enquire if a prescription is ready before seven full working days.

We cannot phone or email to let you know if a prescription is ready. We usually send a text so please ensure we have an up to date mobile number.

How long will another pharmacy take?

We are unable to tell you if Boots, Faringdon Pharmacy or another pharmacy have dispensed a prescription. Once it leaves us, it is then the pharmacy's responsibility and we do not have access to their systems.

If a pharmacy dispenses your prescriptions for you, please ask them as the first point of contact about outstanding prescriptions.

I need to self isolate/I am voluntarily isolating, how can I collect my prescription?

Currently we are unable to offer home deliveries to patients that do not already have this set up. If you require a prescription to be collected, please send a family member, a friend or neighbour who is outside of your household to collect on your behalf. Some villages have set up help groups, it may be worth enquiring if your town or village has set something up. 

We respectfully ask that you do not attend the practice with a fever OR cough, even to collect prescriptions.

I am over 60 or I am in an at-risk group or I do not want to come out, how do I get my medications?

We are asking that everyone tries to use either the outside box or requests prescriptions via email at If you are unable to do this and you are in an at-risk group please ask a friend, family member or neighbour to do this on your behalf.

Some villages have set up help groups, it may be worth enquiring if your town or village has set something up.

I am isolating/staying with someone during lockdown, can I get my prescription sent elsewhere/via an online pharmacy?

Yes, you may. However, we will require the postcode and name of the pharmacy and you will need to let us know when you no longer require this.

Any prescription sent to a pharmacy in this way needs to be followed up with the new pharmacy, we are unable to answer queries on their behalf.

We cannot be responsible for delivery times, stock issues or the dispensing times of these pharmacies.

I have a cough OR fever OR both, can I still collect prescriptions or drop in requests?

Please do not come into the practice if you have one or both of these symptoms. Please ask a friend, family member or neighbour outside of the household to do this for you.

Can I have multiple amounts of my prescriptions?

We are not issuing more than one month’s prescriptions. This is due to NHS guidelines and to protect supplies for all.

Slightly earlier requests will be accommodated in view that our current time to dispense is seven working days.

Please be assured we will endeavour to make sure no one is going without medication.

I have a home delivery usually, will this continue?

Home deliveries, if you already have this set up with us, will continue as normal.

We do ask that if you are self isolating because you are unwell that you inform us so that we can make appropriate arrangements for the safety of our delivery persons.

Can I pay for prescriptions over the phone?

Unfortunately we do not have facility for this. 

You can also consider a prescription prepayment certificate, available from the NHS website. Please let us know the number and expiry date so we can add this to your notes.

Can I have an inhaler?

If you regularly require an inhaler, we will continue to dispense in the same way for you.

If it has been more than six months since your last prescription for an inhaler, we will require you to have a review with the asthma nurse. This can be done over the phone.

I have another query about COVID-19 that isn’t answered here

We would like to respectfully ask that you only phone the dispensary if your query is immediate or an emergency. This is to ensure routine care can continue as efficiently as possible.

We have information on our site that covers most questions. We also suggest that you visit the NHS website for up to date information.

If you feel unwell you can use the online 111 service, or phone 111 if you are unable to access it online.