PPG Minutes - Feb 2023

21st February 2023 @ 6.30pm


Derek, Fay, Lindsay, Angie (PM), and Anna (Engage Consult)

Points Discussed

1. Anna from Engage Consult kindly joined us and did a presentation on the new look system.
2. Derek suggested that EC should do a pop-up alert to advise patients the system has changed. It’s quite confusing now as when you log in as it takes you to what looks like the NHS website.
3. Anna at Engage is going to produce some step-by-step video presentations for us to upload onto our website and Facebook to show patients how to use the system.
4. It was discussed that with these videos we do an outreach programme going to all the local catchment community halls to help patients who are not tech savvy to access the system.
  • Hilton Waldrist
  • Kingston Bagpuize
  • Stanford in the Vale
  • Longcot/Fernham
  • Southmoor
  • The Pump House – Faringdon
  • Petypher gardens
5. To do the outreach programme is all dependent on whether we stay with EC or go to a new system. WHMP partners to decide.
6. Fay requested Dementia information from Social Prescriber, Michelle has passed the SP email address over, with consent.
7. Social Prescriber to please come to next meeting to do a presentation regarding what she does within the community. Invitation sent.
8. PPG members complimented the Pharmacy department, its working extremely well.

Other News

The PPG Chair resigned; at the next meeting a new chair will have to be appointed.
  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Minute taker

Next PPG meeting 30th May 2023 @ 6.30pm

Minutes taken by Michelle (WHMP)