Research - Our current studies

Current Studies

If you are interested in being involved in research, or have any questions please contact our research Nurse Jill Larkin -

We are currently supporting the following studies, Click on the name for more infomation: 


ASYMPTOMATICAssessing whether children (aged 6-16 years) with mild asthma should take inhaled steroids regularly or when they have symptoms.

DEFINE RCT - To find out whether using the FeNO test during asthma reviews can help improve care for asthma patients and reduce costs to the NHS.



ATHENA - Does taking amitriptyline tablets soon after the onset of shingles rash prevent post-herpetic neuralgia.

COAT - Aiming to find out if a 5 day antibiotic course, for lower limb cellulitis, is as effective as 7 days.

IID3 - This research project aims to estimate the burden and causes of infectious intestinal disease (IID) in the UK population.

TIGER - Trial of food allergy (IgE) tests for eczema relief.

TOUCAN - The TOUCAN study is testing new devices that, hopefully, will quickly tell a GP whether a patient has a urinary tract infection.


Generic Health

DISCOVER-ME - The study aims to create a dynamic resource of demographic, health and genetic data to enable analyses to understand clinical disease progression in primary care and risk prediction.

LOLIPOP - LOLIPOP is a prospective population study which aims to better understand the causes of heart disease and other major medical problems, including amongst people of Indian Asian ancestry who have a higher risk of heart disease.

STREAM; Eat well, feel well, stay well - The study is about appetite, eating patterns and nutrition in people aged 75 and above.


Mental Health

GUTBRAIN- Testing how bacteria in the gut can influence our brain and behaviour.

PETRUSHKA - Assess whether the PETRUSHKA tool can help to personalise treatment for people with depression and predict which antidepressant works best for each individual vs. usual care in the NHS.

RESTED -  Trial of sleep restriction therapy to ease depression.


Neurological Disorders

PiPL - To determine if there are differences in nerve function and structure in patients with peripheral nerve lesions with and without neuropathic pain, and if we may be able to predict who will do well or who will continue to have persistent pain.



UKEDI- The aim of the study is to develop a diagnostic test for use in individuals newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus which will identify those most at risk of a diagnosis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), allowing them to be screened.


Inflammatory & Immune System

T2T - What is the clinical and cost effectiveness of using a goal-directed allopurinol-based treat-to-target protocol in people with recurrent gout flares?



DARE2THINK - DaRe2THINK aims to determine whether direct oral anticoagulant (DOAC) therapy reduces premature death, stroke and other thromboembolic consequences of atrial fibrillation in younger patients, including prevention of cognitive decline and vascular dementia.